I received an email digest from a popular blogging platform which included after the first few serious and news worthy links some more click-baity content. The article that caught my eye is titled something along the lines of “Questions and Answers to Algorithm Interviews”. In my experience, with few exceptions…

June 2021 update: while some of the content of this article remains accurate (and hopefully useful), it is a bit of a contrived example. It assumes that there is an existing REST api running on Express that needs to be maintained, while also exposing a GraphQL endpoint. In reality, a…

Before getting too deep in the weeds, we need to understand what immutability is. It all has to do with reference and value equality.

Reference equality: we compare references (pointers), and if the two instances are the same, then obj1 === obj2

Value equality: we compare values, and if the…

Arnaud Dostes

Previously Paris and Geneva, currently New York. Can also be found at https://dev.to/arnaud

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